Customer Care

Continually aligning our services to your needs

As per the legislation released on 1st July 2019, Tancroft Communications Ltd. fully complies with the new Ofcom number porting.
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The service we provide our clients is underpinned by the strong partnerships that we have in place with the leading service providers across business mobile, cloud telephony and connectivity. For each of these partners we have taken time to validate their capability and to ensure our people have the ability to deliver exceptional support on these solutions.

Account Management

Continually aligning our services to your needs

Understanding Your Business

It is the role of our account managers to get to know what it is you are trying to achieve and then to make this possible. They will take the time to understand your existing business communications and determine where these are holding you back or failing to live up to expectations. They will then work with our specialists to tailor a solution to meet your specific needs whether that be to reduce costs or increase productivity, or both

Regular Reviews

At Tancroft, account management is not something we do just at the start of a relationship, it is a key part of the value we provide over the full service lifecycle. We constantly review the service we provide you, looking for ways to continually optimise this. At regular intervals we will sit down with you to identify any changes in business needs or aspirations and ensure that the service we provide remains aligned to these needs

Exploring New Possibilities

A key role of the Tancroft account manager is to help you explore new possibilities – to look at what you currently do, or what it is you would like to do, and provide you with advice on how different technologies can help. We are constantly reviewing emerging technologies to see where they can add value to our clients.

Service Billing

Clear, Accurate & Online

When it comes to billing for our Business Mobile, Cloud Telephony and Connectivity services we don’t believe in making it so complex that only we can understand them. Our billing is clear, accurate and accessible to you through our online portal. You can view what you are spending on business communications and drill down into the detail of each and every service.

Billing Transparency

We don’t believe in hiding costs behind other costs or bundling services in a way that prevents you from making a point by point comparison. You will find our billing easy to understand with the ability to drill down into the detail presented in an open and transparent way

No Surprises

Providing you with clear billing that is accessible anytime online prevents the dreaded ‘bill shock.’ We believe in creating a service that is aligned to your business needs including your budgeted spend and making business communications a predictable operating expense.

Support Services

Experts there for you, when you need them

Regardless of the solutions or services you have from Tancroft, it is our own customer care team that is always there when you need them. This allows us to deliver a personalised service, where the fact that our team are familiar with your company and your service enables us to resolve issues both quickly and effectively.

Technical Support

Our customer care team combines deep expertise in the business communication solutions we offer with an ethos of delivering the best possible service for our clients. When you call, you will be answered by a technical specialist who is as equally capable of fixing a network issue as walking a new user through setting up their phone. Our mantra is to be highly responsive when our clients need us and to ensure we resolve issues first time.

SLAs Tailored For You

We recognise that no two clients are the same and as such, we do not try and pigeon-hole you into a standard support service. We define the SLAs that your business needs and ensure we consistently deliver against these. Whether you are looking for a restore to service SLA for your network connectivity or a 24-hour replacement service for your mobile phones, the team at Tancroft are able to deliver this.

Proactive Care

We believe that prevention is far better than cure and this is why we proactively monitor a range of our services, such as network connectivity, to identify issues before these affect the business. Our focus is to deliver a highly dependable service to our clients, and you will find we take every feasible step to provide continuity of service.

Mobile Number Portability

Tancroft Communications Ltd. complies with the new Ofcom number porting legislation released on 1st July 2019.

Further details of the legislation can be found here.

Ofcom wants to ensure that customers do not experience unnecessary difficulties when switching mobile provider and have introduced the Auto-Switch regulation to allow customers to exercise choice and take advantage of competition in communications markets by being able to switch provider easily.

Mobile customers will simply request a unique switching code, either by text or online, to pass on to their new provider.

The text codes are as follows:

65075 for a PAC Porting Authorisation Code
75075 for a STAC
Service Termination Authorisation Code. This is a code to be submitted by the gaining provider which will terminate on the specified date with the losing provider usually, so the gaining provider can issue a new number
85075 for INFO
– out of contract date and applicable fees if cancelled at the time of the request

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